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Elegan Yapı was conceived in 2000 and quickly began gamering attention with its quality and originality. With its professional staff, Elegan Yapı is dedicated to providing effective and efficient solutions for its customers in a wide range of activities including construction, interior design, lumber importing and overall project management. Elegan Yapı has made its mark as a leader in its sector with numerous projects from hotels to restaurants, residences to private offices; large and small projects, all of which have carried the distinct ''elegan'' signature. With both its foreign and domestic projects, Elegan Yapı's commitment to quality and service, experienced staff and sales strategy have placed the company in a league of its own for superior service quality.

In addition to creating spaces that will adapt to a variety of lifestyles and venue functionalities; places that are engineered and designed with modern, cutting-edge technologies, systems, tools and equipment, ensuring that customer satisfaction is kept paramount while consistently maintaininig high production quality and generating high class venues that people will frequently use and enjoy.

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